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"There is no sincerer love than the love of food" – George Bernard Shaw

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The Little Pantry

On a Saturday morning, we decide to head to The Little Pantry at Shenton Park for brunch. When we arrived, the cafe was busy but at the same time, we were also lucky to be able to find ourselves a table by the window. We started off our brunch by having coffee. Dad enjoyed his Latte and thought that it was smooth, aromatic and creamy.

I had the Brioche French Toast ($15) which comprises of nutella, buttermilk caramel strawberries, vanilla ice cream and pistachio. The french toast was perfect – it was soft and fluffy inside and crisp on the outside with layers of nutella, complementing well with the pistachio and buttermilk caramel strawberries. The Brioche French Toast is guaranteed to give you a sweet start to the day.


Brioche French Toast

Dad had the Scrambled Eggs with Margaret River Farm Shop Big Red Belly Bacon ($16). It was very generous in portion. The scrambled eggs were cooked to perfection and was light and fluffy. The bacon was cooked well to crisp on the outside with a hint of tenderness.


Scrambled Eggs with Margaret River Farm Shop Big Red Belly Bacon

Mum had the Mushroom Ragu with Danish Fetta ($16) and poached eggs. Mum’s poached eggs were spot on. One knife through and you get yellow liquid oozing out from the eggs. Apart from the perfect poached eggs, the mushrooms and danish fetta were also delicious and complements each other well.


Mushroom Ragu with Danish Fetta

After finishing our dishes, we were very satisfied and have enjoyed our dining experience at The Little Pantry. The ambience was lovely and the service was efficient and friendly. Yes, we will definitely be back to The Little Pantry.

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent) Little Pantry on Urbanspoon

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Cocina Bandito

Last night, I attended the launch of Cocina Bandito, a pop-up bar at 140 William. Cocina Bandito is brought to you by the people behind The Classroom Bar and is expected to be around for two to three months. With bright popping colours, cuban beats and rhythms, the Cuban bar is bursting with character and personality. I have never had Cuban food before and was excited to see what is being served at Cocina Bandito.

We started with cocktails to kick start the event. My guest, Jess had the summery mojito and I had the minty mojito. I tried both mojitos and I loved it – they were spot on cool and refreshing, making it a great thirst quencher!


One of the favourites of the night was the Gluten Free Tortilla Chips with Fresh Guacamole served on a street sign. I totally lost count of the number of tortilla chips I have had that night. It was delicious! The guacamole was super fresh with a punch of acidity. Next up, was the ‘El Presidente’ Chicken and Rice which was also superb. The rice was flavoursome and fluffy, complementing well with the tenderness of the chicken. I have always wanted to try a Cubano from watching the movie, ‘Chef’. The Cubano served at Cocina Bandito was so tasty – the cheese was melt in your mouth, together with the mustard and the juicy textures of the pork belly, pickles and ham.


 Gluten Free Tortilla Chips with Fresh Guacamole


 ‘El Presidente’ Chicken and Rice


 Bay of Pigs’ Traditional ‘Cubano’ Roast Pork Belly Sandwich

If you are at Cocina Bandito, do check out their sauces served in pistol shooters to add some spice or flavour to your food. There’s Guatanemo Death sauce, Green Piquant and Motorcycle Diary Sauce. Choose your pick or go for the super spicy salsa. ;)


Sauce pistols

IMG_7227As this is my first time trying out Cuban food, I actually enjoyed it very much. I can’t wait to drop by at Cocina Bandito for some food if I am doing some shopping in the city for some Cubanos!

I would like to thank the team at Cocina Bandito for serving up the delicious Cuban food and to Caitlin and Zara for the invitation once again and for another awesome event!

Cocina Bandito on Urbanspoon

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May Street Larder

Last week, I was invited to the launch of May Street Larder in East Fremantle, a few days before its opening. Surrounded by glass windows, the place is full of light. It was new, bright and airy. May Street Larder is brought to you by the men behind Bib and Tucker; olympic swimmer Eamon Sullivan and Head Chef Scott Bridger. Apart from serving good food, May Street Larder has an in-house larder-style deli that stocks homemade preserves, pickles and cured meats while keeping on trend with raw, vegan and paleo food with a changing menu. May Street Larder also adopts a concept of dishes being sent out with a fast-food style from the kitchen, so you will not have to wait too long!

As it was a warm and humid summers day, we were in for a treat when we started off with a refreshing drink from the Juicist. I had the ginger lemonade and it was definitely a thirst quencher!



We were treated to a feast of food from the kitchen with plenty of variety for us to taste each dish. There were breads, salads and vegetables, proteins to desserts served in jars. Looking at the array of food lined up for us, the food were fresh and bursting with colour, looking very delicious and healthy at the same time. Being a foodie, I tried everything. The confit trout was my favourite – it was spot on moist and fresh. The pork belly crackle was crisp to perfection. It was crunchy and the pork belly itself was juicy. Oh so good! The beef brisket was soft and tender as it was slow smoked. Not forgetting the salads and vegetables too which were fresh in flavour! I particularly enjoyed the Freekeh salad as it has a moor-ish flavour with an occasional crunch and sweetness from the pomegranate. YUM!


Freekeh, roasted and pickled pumpkin, pomegranate, spiced pepitas and fresh herbs.


Crispy Skin Pork Belly


Confit of ocean trout


Mango, passionfruit and coconut Jars


Check out my plate of food!!

To finish off, we were also offered some CocoWhip. May Street Larder is the first place in WA to serve CocoWhip to their customers. CocoWhip is made from coconut water. It is super healthy and it is a 100% vegan soft serve ice-cream. It’s sugar free, 99% fat free, gluten free, dairy free and lactose free – free from all the nasties! Oh and did you know that the sugar content of CocoWhip is equivalent to ONE jellybean? How awesome is that! We were also offered a choice of healthy toppings for the smooth soft serve ice cream. I chose everything – the goji berries, cacao nibs and lupin granola.


I really had a great time at the launch of May Street Larder and I hope that I will be back someday. I would like to thank Eamon, Scott and the team at May Street Larder for cooking up a storm and the delicious lunch (I was so full after!) and also Caitlin and Zara, for the goodie bags and for the invitation to attend the event. :)

May Street Larder on Urbanspoon

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On a Thursday evening, I decided to catch up with a few of the girls from uni for dinner at Edosei. Edosei is a Japanese restaurant located along Barrack Street in the city. Edosei takes their freshness of the fish seriously as their fish is air flown directly from Melbourne. As we had a large group, we decided to share a few dishes for dinner.

To start we had the Radish salad ($18). The radish salad was fresh and light in flavour. It also has a lovely punch of acidity. A great dish for hot, warm summer days. We also had the Grilled Black Cod ($30). The black cod was grilled to perfection, with a crisp skin. It was tender, juicy and flavoursome.


Radish Salad ($18)


Grilled Black Cod

We also had the Kawara Soba ($30). Kawara Soba is a dish that originates from Shimonoseki Japan. The soba noodles are served on a ceramic plate, imported especially from Japan, on which grilled green tea flavoured buckwheat noodles are served with beef and omelette. The soba noodles can be also dipped into a sweet soy based soup. It is interesting that according to Japanese legend, Samurai warriors first came upon the idea of eating noodles from ceramic rooftiles like the Kawara after a battle.

As the noodles were served on a hot ceramic plate, the noodles had a slightly crisp texture with every bite. The slices of grilled wagyu beef and shredded omelette gave a punch of flavour to the noodles. It was delicious!


Kawara Soba

Last but not least its a the Ama-Ozen ($28), Edosei’s signature dessert platter, giving you a taste test of the desserts. The dessert platter comprises of a pair of chocolate chopsticks on a biscuit, mochi ice cream, creme brulee, panna cotta topped with fruits and drizzled with brown sugar syrup, two slices of cheesecake and green tea ice cream. How delicious does that sound already! The dessert itself was really impressive and presentation was executed to detail. I can’t tell which is my favourite just because I love them all. It’s dessert heaven!



The atmosphere at Edosei has a warm and intimate setting and the service was friendly, attentive and excellent. Bookings are also highly recommended as the restaurant is small. For authentic Japanese food, go visit Edosei and give their food a try.

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

Edosei on Urbanspoon

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It’s a summer oasis at Koko Black

Recently, Koko Black launched their new summer oasis range of desserts and I was invited to come in to a salon and have a tasting of their latest desserts. I chose to go to Koko Black Claremont Quarter on a Friday afternoon for my afternoon sweet fix and to do some shopping after. Yes, I’ll admit I have a sweet tooth.

FIrst up was the Raspberry Chocolate Dome ($10.50) which consists of milk chocolate and raspberry puree mousse with Madagascan vanilla custard and a liquid raspberry centre. How yum does that sound already! As delicious as it sounds, it was also presented beautifully when it arrived to our table with attention to detail. One spoonful through the raspberry puree mousse was soft and smooth, complementing well with the milk chocolate. It was so decadent!


Raspberry Dome

Next up was the Mango and Vanilla Spectacular ($9.50) which comprised of vanilla bean ice cream, mango coulis and caramelised coconut crumble. This was probably one of our favourites! The mango coulis was smooth, fruity and refreshing. Put it together with the vanilla bean ice cream and caramelised coconut crumble and you will get a tropical party on your tastebuds. It is for sure a mango and vanilla spectacular that definitely shouts summer!


Mango and Vanilla Spectacular

We also shared the Dessert Degustation ($26). The Dessert Degustation is perfect for two which includes the Chocolate Alchemy Cake, Raspberry Mousse, Chocolate Hazelnut Cluster, Belgian Mousse and Chocolate Ice Cream. If you can’t decide what to order, the dessert degustation is perfect, giving you a range of Koko Black desserts to try. It is hard to pick which is my favourite because they were all oh so good. There is just so much chocolatey goodness that I was taken to chocolate heaven! Pure indulgence.


Dessert Degustation

Raspberries and chocolate again? I think you might have already picked it up from here that I love raspberries. So, if you are a fan of raspberries like me, you will love the Iced Chocolate with Raspberry Puree ($8.50). Smooth sweet textures of raspberry puree and rich, creamy ice chocolate? I’m sure it can’t get better than this!


Iced Chocolate with Raspberry Puree

If you are at Koko Black, don’t forget to give the Salted Caramel Ice Chocolate a try from the Summer Oasis range because I heard it is amazing. I wish I could give it a try during my visit but unfortunately, I was too full after! Looks like I will definitely be back to Koko Black to get my sweet fix from the Summer Oasis range. To all the sweet tooths out there, I highly recommend you to go and check out Koko Black’s latest summer oasis range as they are only available for a limited time!

I would like to thank Koko Black and Be Known Agency for the invitation to sample the Summer Oasis range. I had a great, enjoyable and very indulgent experience. :)

Koko Black Claremont on Urbanspoon


Bing Go Street Food

Brace yourselves Perth, for the new bing craze is coming near you!

Recently, I was invited by Sean Gentry, the co-owner of Bing Go Street Food to give some of these bings a try at one of their stores. Bing comes from Jianbing, a crepe made and sold by street vendors in Beijing. It is a thin crepe lined with egg and a selection of fresh ingredients prepared hot and fresh while you wait. For this visit, I brought my two friends along, Tracy and Reka for lunch at Bing Go located at the food court of Enex100 in Perth city.

Tracy had the Prawn Bing ($9.90) which consists of garlic prawns, celery, bean sprouts and Bing Go sauce. Here’s a review of her Prawn Bing – the prawn bing is a delicious wrap filled with succulent garlic prawns and is nicely contrasted by the crunchy wonton ‘chips’, a fresh salad and plenty of sweet chilli sauce. Will definitely be back to try other flavours!


Prawn Bing

Reka had the Buddha Bing ($8.90) which comprises of avocado, fried tofu, bean sprouts, red onion, hoisin sauce and Bing Go sauce. Here’s Reka’s review of the Buddha Bing – Loved every bite of the Buddha bing. It was a VERY filling crepe that had a good combination of freshly shredded veggies, sweetness of the hoisin sauce along with the buttery texture of the avocado and the extra crunch from the fried tofu. Definitely will go back and order it again!!!


Buddha Bing

I had the Char Siu Bing ($8.90) which consists of char siu pork, chinese sausage, mustard vegetable and char siu sauce. I really enjoyed the char siu bing. The char siu pork was juicy and tender with a hint of sweetness from the char siu sauce. It was delicious, fresh and flavoursome. The crepe itself was light and fluffy, complementing well with the freshness of the ingredients. Will be back one day to get my bing fix!


Char Siu Bing

To finish, we had a sweet bing to share which was the Hong Kong Heaven ($6.90) which consists of bing with nutella, strawberry and crispy wonton pieces. There was a crunch with every bite from the crispy wonton pieces together with rich, sweet flavours coming from the nutella and strawberry. I can’t agree more that nutella and strawberry is the best combination ever, it’s like a matchmake in heaven.


Hong Kong Heaven sweet bing

When you are at Bing Go, you can either choose your crepe original or gluten free. If you like spicy and you want to add some heat to your bing, you can ask to add fresh chilli for free. Love your meat or seafood? Double it up for $2.90. Ordering the bing is simple, fast and you are good to go and ready to enjoy your bing. Oh and not forgetting that there are also plenty of choices on their menu to suit all types of palates. What are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Bing Go store and get yourself a bing to enjoy today!

I would like to thank Sean and the team at Bing Go for the invitation to try some of the bings at Bing Go Street Food for free. My friends and I will definitely be back again! :) Bing Go Street Food on Urbanspoon

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Adriano Zumbo Patissier

One of the places on my wishlist to visit in Sydney has always been Adriano Zumbo Patissier. After watching episodes of Masterchef and being wowed by Adriano Zumbo’s creations, I decided that it is a must visit for me to one of Adriano Zumbo’s patisseries. We took a short walk all the way to The Star from Sydney Fish Market for desserts at Adriano Zumbo.

When we arrived, there were so many sweet treats on offer from macarons, tarts to pastries. I felt like I was a kid in a candy store. We decided to shared quite a few cakes and tarts among the four of us. First, it’s the Mylo in Life ($10) which comprises of Milo milk, milo chantilly, milo powder, milo cremeux, choc malt mousse and a chocolate milo disc. If you love Milo, you will definitely love this! The non-edible straw is there for you to drink up the milo milk first and then you can enjoy the rest of the layers. It’s just oh so amazing!


Mylo in Life

Next up was the Blackcurrant and Mandarin Zonut. The zonut was soft and fluffy with a bit of a crisp on the outside. The flavours of the blackcurrant and mandarin are so lovely that it complements each other well.


Blackcurrant and mandarin Zonut

We also shared a Peter, Bob and John tart ($9) and Passionfruit Tart ($6). The Peter, Bob and John tart consists of a delicate pâte friable base, milk chocolate namelaka (a luscious soft ganache), raspberry gel, peanut brittle butter and an irresistible caramelised peanut roacher glaze. If you love peanut butter, you will love the Peter, Bob and John tart. There was a great combination of saltiness from the peanut brittle butter and sweet flavours from the caramelised peanut roacher glaze. The milk chocolate namelaka on top was smooth and irresistible. YUM!

The passionfruit tart comprises of a pate friable base and passionfruit curd with a striking red and yellow airbrush finish. It was fresh in flavours and the passionfruit curd was smooth and creamy. Absolutely delicious.  


 Peter, Bob and John Tart


Passionfruit Tart

Before heading to the airport to board my flight back to Perth, I decided to purchase some treats home while shopping at QVB which luckily, survived the 5 hours flight! I bought the Jaffa cake ($9.50) and an assorted 6 pack zumbarons for $15. There were so many different flavours of zumbarons on offer and being the indecisive me, it took me a while to come to a decision. So, I ended up going for the Grape Hubba Bubba, Francesco Brownie, Fingerbun, Caramel au beurre sale, Bread and Butter Pudding, Berry Brulee.


 Jaffa Cake ($9.50)


Assorted 6 pack zumbarons

If you are ever at Sydney, do visit one of Adriano Zumbo’s stores and give some of their cakes, pastries or zumbarons a try. They are oh so good and trust me, you will be taken to dessert heaven!

 Dear Adriano Zumbo, please open a store in Perth.

  Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)Adriano Zumbo Pâtissier on Urbanspoon Zumbo Patiserie on Urbanspoon


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