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"There is no sincerer love than the love of food" – George Bernard Shaw

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On a cool, cloudy Autumn’s day, my dining buddy and I decided to set out for our foodie adventure, exploring some of Perth’s cafes and eateries. As I had just finished teaching a BodyCombat class, we head towards Flinderz for a fulfilling and satisfying meal.

I had the Salmon with green pea mash ($20) from the lunch special. The salmon was poached to perfection, tender and juicy, with a crisp skin. Sitting under the salmon, is the green pea mash which was creamy and fluffy. And also, not forgetting the freshness of the salad; full of acidity on the side which complements well with the salmon and green pea mash. IMG_7744

 Salmon Lunch Special

My brunch and lunch buddy, Jess, had the Chicken Turkish ($18), which comprises of grilled chicken with avocado salsa, swiss cheese and house cut chips. I had a taste test of the chicken turkish and it was delicious. The chicken, grilled to perfection was tender and was not too dry. The avocado salsa adds a hint of creaminess to the the chicken turkish and the melted swiss cheese was like the cherry on top. We loved the house cut chips too and thought that they were really tasty. It was addictive.

IMG_7740Chicken Turkish ($18)

To finish a well satisfying lunch, we had a yoghurt cake to share ($4.50). The yoghurt cake was texturally well balanced with   a balance of moist and dense textures. Topped with a cherry compote, it gave an additional punch of sweetness to the yoghurt cake.


Yoghurt cake

Overall, Jess and I had a great dining experience at Flinderz and we thought that the service was friendly and attentive. As I was at Flinderz only for lunch, I’m already looking forward to be back to try the food from the breakfast and dinner menu!

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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Recipe Restaurant

Established in 2014, Recipe Restaurant is one of Perth’s first and finest authentic Persian Restaurant. At Recipe, the use of modern and contemporary Persian cooking methods are combined with the finest of ingredients to serve authentic Persian dishes. Think saffron, meat, fresh herbs, delicate aromatic spices and fluffy rice. Yep, you get the idea. I have always wanted to try Persian food and was excited when I saw an offer on Dimmi for 50% off the total bill. On a Wednesday night, I decided to reward myself along with my parents with a Persian feast after having a good BodyCombat workout (I make sure I had an empty stomach and a big appetite ready!)

To share, we had the lamb cutlet (Shishlik) ($34.90) which is marinated in pure saffron, served with creamy garlic mash potato, sweet chilli yoghurt dip and shirazi salad. It was cooked perfectly with a pink-ish in the centre and was marinated well. Juicy and tender, it was a great complement to the sweet chilli yoghurt dip. The yoghurt dip at Recipe was one of the best that I had – it was creamy and flavoursome with a nice hint of tang and sweetness. IMG_8039

Marinated Lamb Cutlet

We also shared a Family Feast ($94.90) between the three of us which comprised of two skewers of finely seasoned hand ground lamb (koobideh), one skewer of tender juicy pieces of chicken, marinated in lemon juice, capsicum and saffron (jujeh), one skewer of marinated thigh fillet and one skewer of tender beef striploin, tenderized in traditional way (barg), served with saffron rice, grilled tomato, barbeque jalapeno pepper and shirazi salad.

The ground lamb, beef striploin and chicken pieces were marinated very well, both deliciously flavoursome and tender. A squeeze of lemon on the top gives the meat an additional moisture and acidity. The saffron rice (not pictured) complements the meats well and was soft, fragrant and fluffy. It was truly a feast!


Family Feast

We were very full after our food and it was a very satisfying Persian feast. Unfortunately, I was quite full and did not have desserts but I will make sure in my next trip that I will leave some room for desserts! Overall, we had an enjoyable and good dining experience at Recipe, together with excellent service, lovely views of the Swan River and not forgetting, the delicious and flavourful Persian food. Recipe Restaurant is indeed one of the finest and best Persian food in Perth!

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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Brotzeit at 140 William

Guten Tag!

Ever since Brotzeit has first landed in Perth, it has been the talk of the town with 140 William being the home to Brotzeit’s first outlet in Perth. As a leading German casual concept restaurant franchise in Asia, Brotzeit brings authentic German cuisine accompanied by quality German beers in a contemporary setting. Currently, there are 18 outlets in seven countries and they are looking to expand to China and Australia. After a long day at the Spartan Race, I decided to reward myself with a hearty feast at Brotzeit.

To start off, we had a beer tasting tray ($13) which consists of six 100ml draft beers. Starting from the right, there’s the Paulaner Lager, Paulaner Dunkel Wheat, Warsteiner Pilsner, Konig Ludwig Wheat, Weihenstephanner Wheat and Weihenstephanner Lager. Out of the six, my favourites has to be the Paulaner Lager and the Weihenstephanner Wheat. The Paulaner Lager is one of the best selling Munich lager in the world with a clean, happy nose with a golden colour, making it light and easy to drink. The Weihenstephanner Wheat is flavoursome with an aroma of cloves and its refreshing banana flavour. IMG_7973

Beer Tasting ($13)

We shared a Brotzeitplatte or Brotzeit Platter ($88) comprises of pork knuckle, best of Brotzeit sausages, honey Bavarian Pork Ribs or Schnitzel and 2 side dishes of your choice which we chose mash potatoes and mixed vegetables. Served on a wooden board, it was an impressive spread designed to serve 4-5 hungry people. 


Brotzeit platter ($88)

Just take a look at the Schweinshaxn/Pork knuckle (Yes, you are allowed to drool!). Crispy crackling. Tender meat. Need I say anything more? I’ll let the photo below speak for itself.


The honey Bavarian pork ribs or Ripperl was as fantastic as the pork knuckle. Juicy, tender and flavoursome as it was infused with beer and lathered with honey. You will definitely be licking off the bone for this one.

IMG_7976The best of Brotzeit sausages comprises of the grilled pork (nurnburger), spicy chicken, smoked pork, pork cheese, pork veal (weisswurst). The sausages were cooked to perfection, meaty and tasty. It’s hard to tell which is my favourite. I loved them all although the spicy chicken sausage is a tad spicy, giving a chili kick but it was bearable.



We really had a meaty feast at Brotzeit and it was delicious and very satisfying. Service was friendly and excellent although it was busy on a Saturday night. The interior and ambience was also simple, modern, airy with an open space. So, what do I have to bring to Brotzeit? An empty stomach of course! What are you waiting for? Grab your mates, have a beer and go indulge in a German feast!

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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The Modern Eatery

If you love sushi, you are in for a treat. Head down to the heart of Fremantle and you will find The Modern Eatery, located along High Street. The Modern Eatery is an institution for sushi with their speciality in aburi sushi. From checking out some photos on Instagram to reading reviews from Urbanspoon and blog posts from fellow food bloggers, I decided that it’s time to head down to Fremantle and check out The Modern Eatery.

To start, we had the Kamikaze Roll ($12) from the selection of Craft Rolls which comprises of ebi tempura, shredded crab meat and avocado with aburi sauce and masago. One bite and you get a burst of flavours, from the crunchy texture of the ebi tempura to the sweetness of the aburi sauce. Apart from nailing the flavours, the sushi roll was perfect. It was rolled neatly and tight, holding the rice and ingredients together. Perfect!


  Kamikaze Roll

Next to arrive was the Fry Me To The Moon ($15) (I am really loving all these interesting names given to sushi rolls!) which is a deep fried roll with cooked salmon and cream cheese with sweet chilli mayo and sweet soy. This was my first time trying a deep fried sushi roll and I’ll admit, I’m hooked! It’s an interesting one compared to the common sushi roll as it’s crunchy on the outside with a hint of sweetness and smooth, creamy cream cheese inside.


Fry me to the moon

As recommended, we had the Signature Combo ($23) which comprises of 1 piece of Aburi Salmon Nigiri, Aburi Tuna Nigiri, Aburi Hotate Nigiri and 2 pieces of Salmon Oshi and Ebi Oshi. The nigiri pieces were fresh in flavour topped with a slab of juicy salmon, tuna and hotate. For me, the star of the signature combo would be the salmon and ebi oshi, which is the pressed salmon and ebi with aburi sauce and sweet soy. The salmon and ebi aburi is lightly seared on the top with a blow torch giving that slight charred finish. Texturally, it was melt in your mouth, slightly smokey and creamy in flavour. Impeccable! As the salmon oshi was melt in your mouth amazing, we decided to order and indulge in another serve of Salmon Oshi ($16).


Signature Combo


Salmon Oshi

We also had the Baby Dragon ($13) to share. The baby dragon roll consists of unagi, cucumber and avocado, topped with unagi sauce. I love how the creaminess of the avocado makes the sushi roll fresh, complementing the delicious and tasty unagi, topped off with a hint of sweetness from the unagi sauce.

IMG_7946Baby Dragon

A good dinner is never complete without a sweet finish. For desserts, we had a serve of Green Tea Creme Brulee ($15). It was caramelised on the top with smooth, sweet and creamy layers of strong green tea flavoured custard. I love my green tea and it was a great way to finish the night!


Green Tea Creme Brulee

The Modern Eatery is indeed a modern sushi eatery with a play of modern flavours, making their sushi rolls and sushi special and unique. Not only the food is modern, but do take a look around the interior. It is simple, modern and contemporary.  With such fresh, good quality sushi, The Modern Eatery is no doubt going to be very popular among Fremantle and Perth locals. I will be back for more and I highly recommend The Modern Eatery!

Mel’s rating : mmmmm (take me to foodie heaven)

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Straits Cafe Wine and Cheese Masterclass

Recently, I was invited to attend a Wine and Cheese Masterclass organised by Straits Cafe together with Blue Cow Cheese at Straits Cafe, Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough. We kicked off the evening with some champagne and canapes such as arancini balls and oysters while mingling around with other attendees of the masterclass.


During each of the six cheese pairings from Blue Cow Cheese with six wines from Vasse Felix, we were given some background information about each cheese and wine.

Cheese and Wine pairing number one is the D’Argental Lingot and the 2013 Heytesbury Chardonnay. This was one of my favourites of the night. The D’Argental Lingot is a modern French cheese famous for it’s silken, buttery, rich flavour leaving a clean texture on the palate. It’s a great complement with the Heytesbury Chardonnay, keeping it clean with a rich, vibrant and aromatic flavour.

The second course is the Marie Harel Pont L’eveque Petit AOC with the Premier Chardonnay. This cheese usually produced during Lent, is unique for it’s pungent aroma, characteristic of a forest floor mushroom on the outside with a creamy inside. Together with the Premier Chardonnay, it gave a luscious finish on the palate from its delicate fruity flavours.

Next up was The Fine Cheese Co Cave Aged Cheddar and 2011 Heytesbury. The cheddar is cave aged and murtured in natural caves, presented in a traditional cheesecloth wrap to allow breathing whilst maturing. Overall, the cheddar has a gentle, sophisticated texture with a hint of salt and nuttiness. It is also full and creamy with a tangy bite. The 2011 Heytesbury is a combination of fine fruit, floral and summer floral characters, giving a soften and fruity finish.


Top left clockwise : D’Argental Lingot, Marie Harel Pont L’eveque Petit AOC, The Fine Cheese Co Cave Aged Cheddar, Rolf Beeler Gruyere AOC extra, Queso Puro de Cabra Xmenez, Gabriel Roquefort


The six wines from Vasse Felix

The fourth cheese and wine pairing comprises of the Rolf Beeler Gruyere AOC extra with the 2012 Cabernet Savignon. The Gruyere is a Swiss cheese which originates from Switzerland. It’s great balance is developed during the 6 months of maturation, washed in pure water and not salt brine to allow the cheese to retain its natural flavours without getting over salty. Tastewise, it was nutty, sweet with a caramel finish on the palate. It’s matching wine counterpart, the 2012 Cabernet Savignon is fruity in flavour with an exceptional poise and persistence.

The fifth pairing is the Queso Puro de Cabra Xmenez and the 2014 Sauvignon Blanc Semillion. The Queso Puro originates from Andalucia, Spain and is bathed in Pedro Ximenez wine for 4 weeks. It has a sweet, slightly salty taste and an edible wine coloured rine. The 2014 Sauvignon Blanc Semillion permeates a generous fruity flavour from citrus fruits and herbs, giving it’s mouth watering acidity and a cleansing finish.

Last pairing is the Gabriel Roquefort and Filius Chardonnay. The Gabriel Roquefort is also known as the World’s greatest blue cheese from it’s natural mould from the cavern air which enhances the heavenly and intense spicy, salty and complex flavours. It is a matchmake in heaven with the Filius Chardonnay. The Filius Chardonnay has bright citrus notes with a natural acidity and a luscious creamy and dry finish.


We had a great time at the Wine and Cheese Masterclass and I definitely learnt so much about cheese and wine pairing. It was a lovely evening sipping on wine and indulging in some cheese while enjoying the beautiful setting and sunset views of the Indian Ocean.

I would like to thank Axelle from Rendezvous Scarborough for the invitation to attend the Straits Cafe Wine and Cheese Masterclass.

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The Shipping Lane

On a fine Wednesday morning, Jess, my foodie partner in crime (follow her on Instagram @keepcalmandjusteat) and I decided to go on a foodie adventure at The Shipping Lane, North Fremantle. There was a bit of rain and cloud but nothing stopped us from going to The Shipping Lane for brunch.

It took us a while to decide what to order but after consulting Instagram and our waitperson, we finally came to a decision.  We had the Spider Roll ($23) which comprises of soft shell crab, sliced apple, cucumber and lettuce with spinach net, balsamic reduction and mayo sauce. First impression of the spider roll? WOW. It was impressive together with its presentation well executed with attention to detail. It just looks too pretty to be eaten with bright colours bursting of green. We enjoyed every bite of the Spider Roll – it was fresh in flavour with a crunch from every bite, evident from the crisp texture of the soft shell crab.


 Spider Roll ($23)

We also shared the crispy potato stack ($18) with haloumi, avocado, pumpkin jam, crispy potato skin, quinoa salad, greens and mint sour cream. After scrolling through Instagram and seeing how popular and pretty this dish looks – instantly, we knew that it’s a must order! The crispy potato stack was as delicious as it looks. There were a lovely combination of flavours from the dish, making it so flavoursome and delightful on your tastebuds. Oh and not forgetting the potato cake at the bottom, with a hint of crisp and it’s starchy texture. I am a huge potato fan and I am over the moon for The Shipping Lane’s crispy potato stack! Thumbs up!

IMG_7764Crispy Potato Stack ($18)

Overall, we enjoyed the food at The Shipping Lane very much. With its airy interior and atmosphere, it is no doubt that The Shipping Lane is popular for a catch up over coffee and good food with views overlooking the Indian Ocean and a lovely sea breeze. I can’t wait to be back to try the other dishes on their menu!

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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Dessert Degustation at The Trustee Bar and Bistro

Have you ever dreamed of a dessert only degustation? If you have, your wish has just come true.

During the month of Eat Drink Perth (until April 24), The Trustee Bar and Bistro brings you a five course dessert degustation full of sweet, indulgent desserts and treats at only $24 per person. There are also no menus set in stone for the dessert degustation as it changes everyday based on the chef’s inspiration and availability of produce. Be prepared to be surprised!

We started off with the first course which is a mini vanilla bean ice cream cone with popcorn and caramel, topped with a sprinkle of wattle seed. The highlights of this course is the caramel, which was absolutely delicious. One taste of the caramel and you will be hooked to scrape or lick every trace of caramel on the plate.


Miniature vanilla bean ice cream with popcorn, caramel and wattle seed

The second course comprises of a creme brulee tart with green apple gel, salted caramel, poached cherry apple and apple with a hint of shortbread and lemon balm. The creme brulee tart was divine and the pastry was executed to perfection, a melt in your mouth. Together with the apple gel, poached apple and cherry apple and lemon balm, there is a lovely combination of fresh flavours and sour textures.


Creme Brulee Tart with apple gel, poached cherry apple and apple

After the second course, I was excited to see what the next course was and I was secretly hoping that the Trustee’s iconic snickers bar will make an appearance in the dessert degustation. My wish had come true! The third course was indeed the Trustee’s snickers bar with salted caramel and peanut ice cream. Enclosed in the snickers bar is a layer of creamy chocolate mousse on top of the peanut wafer base surrounded by a chocolate outer. It was rich, indulgent and decadent together with the flavoursome salted caramel and peanut ice cream. Heavenly!


 Trustee’s Snickers Bar with salted caramel and peanut ice cream

 Course number four is the Lychee sorbet with rosewater panacotta and agar agar. This was a very refreshing dessert which is a nice contrast to the previous course. Unlike the snickers bar, the flavours were light and delicate which definitely shouts the season of summer in a cocktail glass!


Lychee sorbet with rosewater panacotta and agar agar

So far so good. Last but not least, we had a macaron and a spearmint milkshake as a palate cleanser as our final course. It was a refreshing finish to the dessert degustation with a great, strong presence of spearmint flavour in the milk. The macaron itself was topnotch and delectable with a luscious chocolate filling in the middle. What a great way to end the dessert degustation!


Housemade macaron and spearmint milkshake

If you ask me to pick my favourite out of the five courses, it will be hard for me to choose a favourite because I enjoyed them all and thought that each of the course were executed well! Overall, It was such a great, enjoyable experience and I was full and very satisfied after.

To all you sweet tooths and lovers of desserts, don’t miss out on the five course dessert degustation at The Trustee Bar and Bistro. Yes, you will definitely be taken to dessert heaven!

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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