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"There is no sincerer love than the love of food" – George Bernard Shaw


Smuggled Seeds Espresso

Smuggled Seeds Espresso has been on my wishlist for a while. I have actually been to Smuggled Seeds twice but have unfortunately missed out on their breakfast. First time I arrived at 11.30 am on a weekday and missed out on food as kitchen closes at 11am. Second visit, my friend and I arrived at 10.30 am after BodyBalance and found out that the food service has stopped because of a faulty stove in a kitchen. Finally, I was lucky at my third visit and we managed to sit down, have a nice cup of coffee and food at Smuggled Seeds.

It was quite easy to decide what to order. In the end we went for the dishes that were only available on the weekends. I had the Twice Roasted ‘Char Siu’ pork belly ($16). Slow roasted ‘char siu’ BBQ pork belly chunks served with toasted ciabatta with 2 slow poached eggs and side of greens. The Char Siu was sweet, tender and juicy. The other star of the dish was the poached eggs. It was literally melt in your mouth and visually perfect that I actually admired it for a bit before indulging. Oh and not forgetting the soft and fluffy ciabatta with a nice crunchy crust; marrying the whole dish together.


 Twice Roasted Char Siu Pork Belly

Mum had the Mushroom, chorizo and quinoa bowl ($14) comprising of chorizo, diced mushrooms, peas, red onions and spinach on a bed of quinoa with 2 poached eggs and sprinkle of crispy seaweed. I had a taste test of the mushroom, chorizo and quinoa bowl and it was full of flavour. I think this dish was executed perfectly with a nice balance of fresh and delicate flavours along with a crunch in between from the crispy seaweed.


 Mushroom, Chorizo and Quinoa Bowl

Dad had the Pea and crab fritters ($17) which consists of house made fritters with pea, crab and onions served with slice of ciabatta and 2 poached eggs, finished with housemade chili jam. Across all our dishes, our poached eggs were consistently executed to perfection. The fritters were delicious and fluffy with a light crisp on the outside. The housemade chili jam complements the fritters well giving it an additional punch of subtle spicy flavours to the dish.


Pea and Crab Fritters

To finish off mum and I had a Matcha Latte ($3.90) and Dad had a Latte ($3.90). We also shared a slice of Hummingbird cake ($5). The Matcha Latte was very rich, smooth and had a strong green tea flavour. Finally, I have found another cafe which serves a good Green Tea Latte in Perth. Dad enjoyed the Latte and he thought that it was really good (Smuggled Seeds uses 5 Senses Coffee as their brew). The Hummingbird cake was lovely – it was moist and not too sweet. It was the perfect finish for our lovely brunch.


 Hummingbird Cake


Latte and Matcha Latte

Overall, we really had a great dining experience at Smuggled Seeds Espresso and we will definitely be back again.  The service was also very efficient and friendly. As you can also see, the prices here are reasonable and decent for the quality of food and coffee which is very rare in Perth these days. I am very thankful for that. If you are looking for brunch, breakfast, coffee and cakes, Smuggled Seeds is the place to be. A must try for all foodies and coffee connoisseurs.

Mel’s Rating : mmmmm (take me to foodie heaven)

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Mary Street Bakery and Bossman

After several months of talking about food and sharing the same passion for BodyCombat, Take Me To Foodie Heaven finally dines with Liju from The Hungry Dinosaw. Initially, the plan was to meet at Smuggled Seeds Espresso but unfortunately, when we arrived, we had already missed out on breakfast (Smuggled Seeds, I will be back!). Plan B was Mary Street Bakery, which was not too far from Leederville. Liju and I have heard a lot about Mary Street Bakery but neither have one of us actually tried the food there. This was the golden opportunity.

Mary Street Bakery was not very crowded when we arrived and we were lucky to find ourselves a table. The service was also very friendly and efficient. For brunch, we shared the Buttermilk Pancake with Fried Chicken, Fried Egg and Maple Syrup. You must be thinking, “Hang on! How do you eat sweet and savoury together?” Give it a try and you will be surprised at how awesome this dish is. Put a soft and fluffy pancake together with crispy, tender fried chicken and fried egg topped with sweet maple syrup. Believe me, it’s a matchmake in heaven. The whole dish is just oh so good. Throughout the day, we just could not stop raving about how good this dish was.

Here’s the review from Liju who gave this dish a rating out of 11/10! (That’s how awesome it was!) – OMG! My eyes literally rolled back and both of us went MMMMM OMG SO GOOD. Like a choir. Well seasoned and crispy juicy tender chicken sitting on this cloud of pancake and drenched through with maple syrup. And fried egg just makes anything tastes better. I need this again!


Fried Chicken Buttermilk Pancake Peanuts Maple Butter and Fried Egg ($21)

I enjoyed the Veggie Baked Eggs and love the sweetness and punchy texture from the tomato base. The Ancho Chili gave the dish its subtle hint of chili kick (Don’t worry, you won’t be on fire). In this dish, the crispy chickpeas were definitely a winner for me. It was so crunchy. I love it. The Vegie Baked Eggs will definitely be a great, hearty dish to have during cold, rainy wintry day.

Here is Liju’s review of the Veggie Baked Eggs which he gave a perfect 10/10! – Yum yum baked eggs, well seasoned tomato base with two lovely baked eggs and an excellent sourdough that has both texture and flavour. The crispy chickpeas were the star in my opinion. Really crunchy with perfect texture!


Veggie Baked Eggs with Tomato, Ancho Chilli, Crispy Chickpea and Yoghurt ($18)

We also had the Chocolate Malt milkshake and Blueberry, raspberry, banana, citrus and honey almond smoothie. Here is Liju’s review of the milkshake and smoothie –  I LOVE the milkshake. It has the perfect consistency , not too watered down by milk but also not too thick. Its hard to find a good milkshake and this one is it! The smoothie has a really lovely flavor, well balanced and able to taste all the stated flavours on the menu. Perhaps it could be a little thicker with ice or yoghurt blended through.


 Chocolate Malt Milkshake ($6.50) and Blueberry, raspberry, banana, citrus and honey almond smoothie ($9)

After having an amazing lunch at Mary Street Bakery, we decided to take a stroll around Beaufort Street to see what Mount Lawley has to offer. I can for sure tell you now that my wishlist has expanded. After walking for a bit, we stumbled upon Bossman, located next to Mr Munchies. We stood in front of Bossman for a good 5 minutes, took some time to admire the cakes on offer while taking in the aroma of good coffee.  Yep, we decided to commence Part 2 of our Mount Lawley foodie adventure at Bossman.

We shared a slice of Galaktoboureko which is a Semolina Custard Cake and a regular Latte. The Galaktoboureko was soft and smooth in texture. It was melt in your mouth perfect and not overly sweet. A great complement to the coffee. Attention coffee lovers out there! Bossman do serves really good coffee. The Latte was very smooth which also had a nice aroma to it. With its dim lighting and wooden furnishings, Bossman is hip and happening. It’s a great place to hang out and catch up with friends over coffee and cake.


Galaktoboureko ($4.50)


Latte ($4)

At the end of the day, Liju and I definitely had a great foodie adventure around Beaufort Street and we also had a great time catching up with each other. Yes, I will definitely be back to Mary Street Bakery and Bossman again. If you are ever around Mount Lawley, do check out Mary Street Bakery for their cronuts and pastries! Oh and not forgetting Bossman for their cakes and coffee too!

Mel’s Rating for Bossman and Mary Street Bakery : mmmmm (take me to foodie heaven)

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Little Sisto

Little Sisto is one hidden gem located in the middle of the Doubleview suburb. As Gen and I lived in Woodlands, it was really good to see a nice little cafe close to home which was perfect for our catch up over brunch. We arrived just in time for brunch (Brunch is served from 11.30am-3pm) on a weekday and the cafe was not too busy. Little Sisto also has an alfresco dining area, which is currently pending approval to operate from the council of City of Stirling.  It would also be nice to dine and sip a coffee outside under the blue sunny sky.

For brunch, I had the Eggs Benedict ($15) with poached eggs, leg ham and housemade hollandaise on sourdough. As you can see from the picture, the poached egg test has been passed with flying colours. One knife through the poached eggs and wow. Orange liquid with full of yummy goodness oozing out. It was perfect. The hollandaise sauce was light and creamy, complementing well with the tasty bacon. Everything on this plate just goes so well together. Oh and not forgetting about the soft and fluffy sourdough too. YUM!


Eggs Benedict

Gen had the Thyme Roasted Mushrooms with parsley, lemon and Persian fetta on multigrain sourdough ($12.50). Here’s her review of her dish: The salty and creamy feta cheese was a nice accompaniment to the mushrooms. However, there could have been a little more lemon juice to balance the creamy richness of the cheese and the olive oil, as I only tasted it on a few of the mushrooms. I liked the dish overall, but would have liked another piece of the lovely sourdough bread to feel more satisfied! Service was friendly and fast and our plates were cleared quickly.


Thyme Roasted Mushrooms

Gen and I had a great time catching up with each other while indulging in some delicious food for brunch. I had to agree with Gen that the service was quite friendly and accommodating; making sure if everything was alright so far and if we needed anymore coffee or drinks. I would really love to try breakfast at Little Sisto and their cakes on display one day, so yes, I’ll be back. To fans of coffee, Little Sisto also serves good, quality coffee, using Five Senses beans. What’s the best part of Little Sisto? The food, coffee and for me, it’s close to home.

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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Voyager Estate Grape Juice

Two months ago, I received some non-alcoholic Sparkling Grape Juice with thanks to Voyager Estate, Margaret River. The sparking grape juice is made with the same Estate grown grapes that are in Voyager Estate’s Shiraz and Chardonnay. Looking for a drink to enjoy minus the alcohol? The sparkling grape juice is perfect for you as a refresher, thirst quencher or an enjoyment.

Crafted and made to the standards of premium wine, the grape juice is available in white and red. It was also a personal favourite of Voyager Estate’s founder, Michael Wright, who actually didn’t drink alcohol.


With perfect timing, a few family friends were over at our place for dinner and here are a few of their reviews of the Grape Juice:

Fung: “It tasted really smooth and a bit fizzy. It does not taste too sweet and it was just perfect. I loved it”

Ivan: “The red grape juice was refreshing, sweet and great for kids to drink as it is non alcoholic. The white grape juice gives you a little punch. I like to drink it in sips and not mouthfuls.

Bryan: “The red grape juice was a very smooth drink with a lovely unobtrusive sweetness that excites the tongue with its acidic tinge. The white grape juice  packs a surprising punch with its sweetness and  yet doesn’t linger long afterwards”

What do I think? I like both red and white but I’m leaning more towards red, just because I love the sweetness of it and how the taste reminded me of Ribena. Overall, both the grape juices were not too fizzy and not extremely sweet. A lovely sparkling grape juice which will be able to go well with any food you are having or with any occasion.

Voyager Estate Sparkling Grape Juice is currently sold out at the moment, but keep checking out their website as they will be restocking shortly. If you would like to get your hands on some sparkling grape juice, please call +61 8 9385 3133 or email wineroom@voyagerestate.com.au. Alternatively, you can also check out selected retailers such as The Herdsman and the Boatshed.

I would like to thank Voyager Estate for the non-alcoholic Red and White Sparkling Grape Juice. :)


Ace Pizza

Located along Beaufort Street, Highgate is Ace Pizza. One step inside and you are transported to a pizza parlour in New York with its great fitout, dim lighting and green neon flashes. It was funky and urban – a perfect place to catch up with my friends over dinner.

We had the Fried Mac n Cheese ($7) to start off with. I thought that the Mac n Cheese was really delicious. As it was deep fried to perfection, there was a crunch with every bite with the soft and cheesy textures of Mac n Cheese on the inside. Ahh heavenly.


Fried Mac n Cheese

For the Pizzas, we had the…..


 Fungo Magico ($21) –  mushrooms, mozarella and thyme


 Mr Federico ($20) – artichoke, garlic, pecorino and rocket pesto


P.R.E.A.M. ($25) – north west prawns, lemon ricotta, spinach, san marzano tomato and mozarella

Here is what my partner and friends thought about Ace Pizza:

Matt: “The pizza’s doughs were chewy and yum. The toppings generally worked well together”

Chloe : “I thought that it was quite tasty but probably for the price, they should have more variety of ingredients. My favourite pizza of the night was the rocket one, just because I’m a sucker for pesto hahaha”

Valerie: “I think Ace Pizza was not bad but the ingredients can be fresher and tastier.”

Siti: “Yeah I think Ace Pizza was alright but it would be better if they had more ingredients for the price.”

My opinion? I thought that Ace Pizza was interesting and that the pizzas were delicious. The best part about Ace Pizza is that it is not only a restaurant dedicated to Pizza. If you don’t feel like pizza (I have never heard and it is very rare that people don’t feel like having pizza) there are also other food on their menu which I think it is worth trying. For me, I think I will be back to find out more on what Ace Pizza can offer. :)

Mel’s Rating : mmm (good)

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The Gaya – revisited!

Once again, my family and I are back for dinner at The Gaya, Applecross. It has actually been a while since my very first visit and recently, we thought of making plans to dine at The Gaya. It was also a coincidence that Head Chef and Owner Leo invited me to return as there are new additions to the menu. While devouring on our starters, I had a chat with Leo and it was really great to hear that the Gaya has been doing well since its opening last year. Great job!

To start, we had an Amuse Bouche comprising of Cheese Fry and Rice Pancake. The cheese fry was lightly fried with soft, creamy textures of cheese inside. Ahhh it was just melt in your mouth. The rice pancake was fluffy and tasty. Yep, it was a great start to the night.


 Cheese Fry (bottom left) and Rice Pancake (top right)

For the starters, we shared an Arancini ($12), Gaya Crab Croquette ( $14) and Beef Cream Roll ($14). The Arancini was fried to perfection with its crispy finish on the outside while retaining the soft textures of risotto inside. The basil pesto, pan fried kimchi and berry sauce blends well with the arancini, giving it a great flavour. Yum!



The Gaya Crab Croquette is a deep fried homemade cream crab croquette served with spicy tartar sauce. Like the Arancini, the crab croquette was deep fried to perfection. One bite and all you hear is crunch crunch crunch. Sink you teeth into the croquette and you get tender and creamy pieces of crabmeat. Oh and not forgetting the spicy tartar sauce, giving an irresistible zing to the crab croquette.


 Gaya Crab Croquette

Our third starter was the Beef Cream Roll. This is probably one of our favourite starters. On the outside was the thinly sliced beef which wrapped and held the asparagus, cream cheese, enoki mushroom, capsicum and cucumber in place. The beef on the outside was tender and juicy and the flavours just worked so well in this starter from the other ingredients. It was oh so creamy and delicious!


Beef Cream Roll ($14)

Not long after our mains arrived. Each of the main comes with three small side dishes. The three side dishes for the night were beansprouts, kimchi and paprika.

Mum had the Gaya Bulgogi ($28). The Gaya Bulgogi consists of marinated sliced beef with vegetables and sweet potato noodles in hot pot, topped with enoki and served with ginseng chili paste sauce with butter rice. The sliced beef was marinated to perfection with its juicy and tender texture. The broth was very flavoursome from the beef and vegetables. It was a hearty and lovely dish which complements well with the fragrant butter rice.



Gaya Bulgogi ($28)

What do you order on a cold winter’s night? Something to keep you and your belly warm right? I had the Seafood Stew ($28) which consists of stewed scallop, prawn, fish and squid with vegetable in hot pot topped with dried bonito served with roast bread. It was a perfect dish for a cold, chilly night. The broth was full of flavour and the seafood was very fresh. It was so good that I managed to finish everything and yes, that’s including the soup. All that remained was a squeaky clean hot pot.


Seafood Stew ($28)

Dad had the Gaya Combo ($30) which is a Korean style combo meal served with pan fried fillet of mackerel and chef special’s of four side dishes with rice and soup. The mackerel was fresh and pan fried to perfection. The side dishes were tasty and the flavours actually do marry well with each other. It was   lovely.


Gaya Combo

To finish off, we shared the Homemade Gaya Gold Pave Chocolate ($9). Mixed grain, green tea and cacao are the three flavours of the gold pave chocolate,  topped with a 24k gold flake. Presented with care and attention to detail, it was a great ending to the night with beautiful flavours of the mixed grain, green tea and cacao surrounding the chocolate.


Homemade Pave Chocolate (Left to right) – Mixed Grain, Green Tea and Cacao

It was really great to return to the Gaya after a while and I’m loving the new additions on the menu. I would like to thank Leo for inviting me back to The Gaya to try some of the new additions and some of the food that I have not ordered before. It was our pleasure to dine at The Gaya again. Keep up the good job!

Oh and to my friends who bought the 2014/2015 Entertainment book, you can find a voucher for The Gaya where you can get 25% off the bill. How awesome is that!

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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Winter at Harvest Espresso

It’s winter and we are back for another round at Harvest Espresso to check out Harvest Espresso’s winter menu. This time I was not so lucky and had to queue for a bit to get a table but that does not matter because it is worth the wait. Anyway, let’s take the queueing out and focus on the food, which is much more important.

Dad had the Lamb Meatballs ($22.50) with cumin yoghurt, preserved lemon, apricots, couscous salad and Turkish bread. I had a taste test and it was a hearty and perfect winter’s dish with rustic flavours. The lamb meatballs were delicious and smooth, complementing well with the tomato based sauce. Mmmmm it’s winter comfort food at its finest.


 Lamb Meatballs with couscous salad and Turkish Bread

Mum had the Seasonal Winter Vegetables with two slow poached eggs, walnut pesto and sourdough ($19.50).  The vegetables consists of pan roasted beetroot, squash, beans, fennel and radish. When the dish arrived, it was bursting with bright leafy green colours which helps brighten up a rainy or a gloomy winter’s day.  The vegetables were very fresh and complements well with the walnut pesto. The eggs were poached to perfection with yellow liquid oozing out.


 Seasonal Winter Vegetables with two slow poached eggs, walnut pesto and sourdough ($19.50)

I had the Banana & Peanut Butter Toasted Brioche ($19.50) with toasted muesli, mascarpone and chocolate sauce. Peanut butter, banana and topped with chocolate? The perfect combination. If you love these three elements together, this is the dish for you. It’s a matchmake in heaven. The sweetness of the brioche and chocolate balances well with the peanut butter. It was oh so lovely!


Banana & Peanut Butter Toasted Brioche ($19.50)

One must not leave Harvest Espresso without ordering the Matcha (Green Tea) Latte. Currently, I am in a Matcha Latte phase. I love the Matcha Latte at Harvest Espresso as it is smooth, creamy and has a very nice aroma and flavours of green tea. Yep, a matcha latte is all I need on a cold wintry day.


Matcha Latte

Once again, Harvest Espresso did not disappoint and I can’t wait to try their Spring Menu. If you have your 2014/2015 Entertainment Book, check out the Harvest Espresso voucher where you can get 25% off the bill. We will be back soon!

Mel’s Rating : mmmmm (take me to foodie heaven)

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