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Chesters Restaurant

One fine Saturday mid morning, the family and I decided to take a drive down to Swan Valley for a good lunch. One of the places that we were keen to go back to was Elmar’s. Unfortunately, Elmar’s was closed for a function on the day and it will be re-opened to the public at 1.30 pm. As we were quite hungry, we decided to head next door to give Chesters Restaurant a try, since we could also use our Entertainment Gold Card there too!

Take a step down memory lane and Chesters Restaurant was once a fruit drying shed which was used later as a functioning stable quarters for a local riding academy. During the early 1900’s, the Marri columns in the restaurant which sustains the roof were originally set into clay. All of the tables, cabinets and walls at Chesters were also handcrafted using original timbers. At Chesters, diners will be able experience a rustic, relaxed, warm and inviting atmosphere.

We started off with a Turkish Bread ($11.50) with a choice of house infused rosemary and garlic oil from Dandaragan Estate EVOO and House Made Dukkah. The Turkish Bread arrived warm and crisp around the sides, complementing the Dukkah and aromatic fragrance of the rosemary and garlic oil.


Turkish Bread and Oil ($11.50)

We shared a Lamb Braise ($25) from the specials menu. The Lamb Braise comprised of  special Katanning lamb and chickpea braise, Israeli cous cous and coriander yoghurt. It was so hearty and full of flavour. The lamb pieces and couscous had a soft and tender texture. The coriander yoghurt also gave a bit of acidity and a hint of freshness to the dish. I think that this dish would actually make a perfect winter’s dish too!


Lamb Braise ($25)

I had the Venison ($40) which consists of round of venison served medium rare, sheep’s milk curd, wilted kale, broad beans, buckwheat, black pudding and Heafod Glen tawny reduction. The venison was cooked perfectly to medium rare – juicy and tender. It was a nice complement to the sweet Heafod Glen tawny reduction sauce. The flavours and the elements on the dish also marries well together, making it delicious. Overall, the dish was executed well with attention to detail.


Venison ($40)

For dessert, we had a Banoffee Pie ($14.50) which consists of a banana & peanut banoffee pie, salted caramel sauce and chocolate peanut crumb. Oh my the Banoffee Pie was out-of-this-world amazing in terms of taste and presentation. It was sensational, sweet and melt in your mouth. You will be taken to dessert heaven for sure!


Banoffee Pie ($14.50)

Although we didn’t end up at Elmar’s for lunch, I thought that we still did have a pretty good lunch at Chesters. We were all so full after and the food was very satisfying. The service was down to earth – friendly and efficient. Although I must say that it did took a while for the food to be brought to our table just because it was quite busy when we were there, which is understandable. Overall, it was still a good experience. :)

Mel’s rating : mmmm (excellent)

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A revisit back to Silks

Last week, Pia from Life of Pia invited me to come along with her as a guest to have lunch at Silks at Crown Perth. When we arrived, we were welcomed and had a chat with Silks Restaurant Manager, Jeffery who also gave us recommendations for our cocktails and food. To start off our Silks dining experience, I had the Lychee Sensation Cocktail and Pia had the Golden Silks Cocktail. The Lychee Cocktail was fruity with a nice hint of Lychee flavours. But,  I must say that Pia’s Golden Silks Cocktail looked amazing! It looks like liquid gold with a golden ice ball floating inside which she had to break it down slowly.


My Lychee Sensation Cocktail


Golden Silks

Just before our appetizers, we were treated to a complimentary Amuse Bouche which was Scallop with tropical salsa. It was bursting with fresh flavours with a good hint of acidity. Not long after, our appetizers arrived which consists of three of Silks signature dumpling which was Steamed ‘Shanghai Style’ Pork Dumpling, Steamed Lobster and Caviar Dumpling, Steamed Scallop Dumpling. Each of the dumpling were unique in flavour and my particular favourite would be the Steamed Lobster and Caviar Dumpling. Presentation was executed well with attention to detail.


Scallop with tropical salsa


From Left to Right – Steamed ‘Shanghai Style’ Pork Dumpling, Steamed Lobster and Caviar Dumpling, Steamed Scallop Dumpling

So far, so good. For our mains, we had the Pan Fried Pantagonian Toothfish,  Dry Aged Rangers Valley Grain Fed 300 Day Black Angus Striploin and Silks’ Signature Fried Rice. The Pantagonian Toothfish was fresh and pan fried to perfection with a crispy skin on the outside. The Home Style Garlic and Ginger Sauce was also a good complement to the toothfish giving it a nice flavour to the dish.

The Dry Aged Rangers Valley Grain Black Angus Striploin was cooked perfectly to medium with a hint of pink in the middle. It was tender, juicy and delicious. The Truffle Mandarin sauce also gave sweetness to the dish. We also had Silk’s Signature Fried Rice. Among the fried rice, there were plenty of premium goodies; from scallops, prawn, roast duck and vegetable in XO sauce. It was so full of flavour!


Pan Fried Pantagonian Toothfish with Home style Garlic and Ginger Sauce


Silks’ Signature Fried Rice


Dry Aged Rangers Valley Grain Fed 300 Day Black Angus Striploin with Truffle Mandarin sauce

Pia and I were so full after our mains and we still have dessert to finish. We were offered a complimentary Petit Fours which was Lychee Jelly. Not long after, our desserts arrrived and WOW – the dessert had attention to detail with layers of sesame Pudding Coconut Gel, Black Sesame Mousse, Coconut Crunch and topped with Caramelised Banana Ice Cream. How delicious does that sound? You will be surprised that the flavours of coconut, black sesame and banana ice cream actually marries each other well. There was combination of sweet, crunchy  and soft textures. It was a winner.


Petit Fours – Lychee Jelly


Sesame Pudding Coconut Gel, Black Sesame Mousse, Coconut Crunch, Caramelised Banana Ice Cream

After our meals, Jeffery gave us a mini tour around Silks and showed us a few of the function rooms Silks has to offer. Here are a few of the snapshots of the interior of Silks. It’s a fusion of classy and majestic with a nice ambience. Perhaps you can picture yourself having a function at one of the private room Silks have to offer .


Dining area at Silks


Chandelier in the form of lanterns


One of Silks’ Function Rooms – this one seats 26 guests

Overall, I must say that our dining experience at Silks was excellent from the start to the end. I would like to thank Pia for bringing me along for lunch at Silks (we had a great time catching up!)  and I would also like to thank Jeffery and the rest of the staff at Silks for your warm and kind hospitality for hosting us. And also, the delicious food that we had on that day.

Disclaimer: Take Me To Foodie Heaven was invited as a guest to dine with Life of Pia who received the main invitation by Silks.  

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Last Tuesday, I attended the Ria Yelp’s Elite Event held at the newly refurbished Ria in Leederville. Ria has been a local institution in Leederville for Malaysian food. It has been ages since my last visit to Ria and I could notice the changes and how large the venue is now compared to a few years back. There’s outdoor and indoor seating areas and it’s so much more spacious now.

To start off, we had the Crispy Prawns, Lotus Chips and Pork Belly Tacos to share. The Crispy Prawns had a light and fresh flavour with a crispy finish. I enjoyed the Lotus Chips and thought that it was deep fried to perfection crunchy – it would definitely make a perfect snack if I can have this all day! For the Pork Belly Tacos, the Pork Belly was marinated well, giving it a nice sweetness. Oh and not forgetting the crispy taco shell which complements well with the juicy pork belly.


Crispy Prawns


Lotus Chips with Chilli Sambal


Pork Belly Tacos

The mains arrived not long after we finished our starters. We were presented with a variety of popular mains Ria had to offer to us. There was the Watermelon Crab and House Cured Trout Salad. Both were very fresh and bursting with flavour with a nice punch of acidity. The roti complements the tenderness and flavourful Malay Slow Cooked Beef well. Among the dishes that I had, I must say that the star of the night was the Rib Eye. It was full of flavour, juicy and tender. Across the table, I could hear a few of us commenting how delicious the Rib Eye was. It was definitely a winner.


Watermelon Crab




Malay Slow Cooked Beef


House Cured Trout Salad


Rib Eye

Overall, I thought that the food at Ria was quite good. I had a look at the menu and there was just so much variety to choose from! Oh and the white wine on that night was lovely too – a great complement to the dishes we had!  I would like to thank the Community Manager, Laura from Yelp Perth for organising this event and for inviting me. I had a great time getting to know other Yelpers around Perth too and at the same time enjoyed the food by Ria.

Ria Malay Kitchen on Urbanspoon


Launching of V Burger Bar’s new Brioche Line

Yesterday, Matt and I attended the launching of the Brioche Line at V Burger Bar’s Blogger Nite along with other Perth bloggers at V Burger Bar Floreat Forum. When we arrived, there was a long table set up specially for guests with roses and candles as decorations in the middle. Together with champagne and wine to start off, it was a celebration to launch the brand new brioche line. During the night, we mingled around with the shareholders and also got to know a little bit about V Burger Bar. We also took the time to get to know and have a chat with bloggers, Yoshika from Everyday Weekends and Shaun from Perth Food Review. Be sure to check out their blogs too!

To start off, we had the Deep Fried Haloumi with Tomato Relish and Crumbed Mushroom with Spicy Mayo. The Haloumi was deep fried to perfection. With one bite, you can taste the melted cheesy textures of the haloumi with a crisp finish. Another winner on the table was the Crumbed Mushrooms. Once again, it was deep fried to perfection making it crispy and crunchy with a little hint of spicy from the spicy mayo. So tasty.


Deep Fried Haloumi


 Crumbed Mushrooms with Spicy Mayo

For our mains, we had a choice of three burgers to choose from – Americana, Space Mushroom and Piggy Back featuring the brioche as the burger bun. Each burger was served with battered chips and aioli.  Matt had the Piggy Back which consists of off the bone pork ribs, house BBQ sauce, pickled jalapenos, aioli, coleslaw and crispy onion ring. I tried a quarter of Matt’s Piggy Back and it was great! The pork ribs were soft and tender with a hint of smoky-ness from the BBQ sauce. The coleslaw and pickled jalapenos also gave a hint of freshness to the burger.

I had the Americana which consists of grilled prime beef patty, melted cheddar, pickle, mesculin mix, red onions, tomato, aioli and house relish. I loved it! The grilled beef patty was juicy and tender. Oh and the melted cheddar on the beef patty just melts in your mouth. So delicious.

But what actually makes this brioche line burgers so special? You guessed right! It’s the brioche. The sweetness of the brioche complements the saltiness of the ingredients in the burger well, giving it a well balanced flavour. Apart from that, the bun was soft, delicate and fluffy too. Well done V Burger Bar, you have definitely took gourmet burgers to the next level!


The Piggy Back




Space Mushroom (cheese filled crumbed mushroom, spicy mayo, mesculin mix,tomato and red onions)

After our burgers, we were so full and satisfied. Apart from the delicious and satisfying food served during the launch, we had a great night getting to know others and mingling around. When we left, we were also presented with a Thank You gift for attending the launch which comprises of Dark Chocolate Brownies, Colombian Jacoba Coffee, Earl Grey Tea and a Twenty Dollars V Burger Bar Voucher. The Dark Chocolate Brownies were heavenly and decadent. A perfect and sweet finish to a great night! Would really love to see V Burger Bar selling these brownies one day :)


 Thank You Gift from V Burger Bar

To finish, Matt and I would like to thank V Burger Bar for inviting us to try the burgers from the new brioche line. We would like to also thank V Burger Bar for the warm and welcoming hospitality. We really had a great time and was very full after. I really hope the new brioche line will be successful and popular to customers looking to try something new. The brioche line will be available from this Friday onwards at both V Burger Bar’s Floreat and Victoria Park stores.

Disclaimer: Take Me To Foodie Heaven was invited to attend V Burger Bar’s launching of the new brioche line.

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Millpoint Caffe Bookshop

I have heard so much about Millpoint Caffe Bookshop and one fine day, we decided to head down to Millpoint Caffe to give their brunch a try. Interestingly, this store is part bookshop and part cafe with seatings both in the bookshop and at the alfresco courtyard area outside. However, books are not allowed to be taken to the alfresco dining area. We arrived there around lunchtime and I was so surprised to see that the cafe was so busy although it looked small from the outside. Looks like I was wrong!

I had the French Toast ($14.50) topped with mixed berry compote, lemon and vanilla mascarpone cheese and Persian fairy floss. When my French Toast arrived on the table, I had a good stare at it for a while. It was presented beautifully with the Persian Fairy Floss like icing on a cake. The mixed berry compote and lemon and vanilla mascarpone cheese complements each other well with a lovely combination of sweet and creamy flavours. However, the toast itself was a bit dry and could be much better if it was moist or soaked through.


 French Toast

Mum had the Trio of Sauteed Mushrooms ($14.50) which consists of a mix of mushrooms, goats cheese, mixed greens served on rye topped with a soft poached egg with a drizzle of truffle oil. There was a generous amount of mushrooms with a great variety. I had a test of mum’s dish and it was delicious with lots of earthy and tasty flavours coming from the mushrooms. The eggs were poached perfectly too with yellow liquid oozing out and drizzling on top of the mushrooms and rye. This dish definitely shouts mushrooms galore or mushroom fest. Perfect for the mushroom lover.


Trio of Sauteed Mushrooms

Apart from offering good food, Millpoint Caffe also offers a good selection of cakes, pastries and slices to choose from. It was hard to make a decision but in the end I had the Orange and Almond Cake ($7.50) and the Lemon Meringue Tart ($4.50). I think what Millpoint Caffe has executed well is their cakes. The Lemon Meringue Tart had a lovely lemon flavour with a smooth meringue and a well executed pastry. The Orange and Almond cake was another one of our favourites. It was moist and not too dense with a subtle hint of tangy sweetness.


Lemon Meringue Tart


Orange and Almond Cake

What I liked about Millpoint Caffe is the atmosphere. It is simple, relaxing and comfortable which makes it great to catch up with friends over food, coffee and a cake or even getting lost in a book while sipping your coffee. The service – friendly and welcoming. My only advice to you is to come during off peak hours as it can take up to 30 minutes for the food to arrive on your table if it’s busy unless you don’t mind waiting. Apart from that, I guess it’s worth a try!

Oh, and you can also use your Millpoint Caffe entertainment voucher here and get 25% off the total bill!

Mel’s Rating : mmm (good)

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Three Coins Italian Trattoria

Located along Beaufort Street towards Inglewood is the newly opened two month old, Three Coins Italian Trattoria. Three Coins is the literal translation of the family name Trequattrini and is run by the Trequattrini family of five where food is a family passion. Originally from Umbria, Italy, the Trequattrini family moved to Perth with a dream of running their own restaurant, combining their individual areas of expertise to offer Perth locals the real taste of regional Italian cuisine.

We started off with the Farmhouse Duck Liver Pate with toasted ciabatta ($16), both homemade and taken from the family recipe. The Pate was very light and earthy. As some Pates are strong in flavour, the Pate at Three Coins was executed well as it was very subtle in flavour and not overpowering. The Pate also complements the crisp texture of the toasted ciabatta.


Farmhouse Duck Liver Pate with toasted ciabatta

We also shared a Prosciutto Pizza ($23.50) which consists of Mozzarella, Prosciutto San Daniele, Cherry Tomato, Rocket and Shaved Parmesan. At Three Coins, the pizzas are authentic Italian style and is wood fired. We enjoyed the Prosciutto Pizza – it was rich in texture and had a rich tomato base. It was fresh and full of flavour.


Prosciutto Pizza ($23.50)


Slow cooked Lamb Leg Ragu Fettuccine

My parents had the Gagliata Mista for 2: Italian Sausages, Lamb Cutlets, 250g Scotch Fillet and Vegetables ($60). I had a taste test of some of the elements on the Gagliata Mista. The Scotch Fillet and Lamb Cutlets were deliciously tender and juicy. We loved the Italian Sausages. They were seasoned well and flavoursome. If you want your daily dose of protein, I recommend the Gagliata Mista. Plus, it’s perfect to be shared.


Gagliata Mista for 2

For dessert, I had the traditional Italian dessert, the Baileys and Chocolate Tiramisu ($14). The Tiramisu was creamy with a subtle flavour of espresso and baileys. It was soft and smooth in texture. Oh so heavenly.


Baileys and Chocolate Tiramisu

Mum and dad shared the Baked Ricotta Tart Choc chips and orange zest ($14) from the Specials of the Day and dad had a cappucino ($4) . We were also told that the baked ricotta tart was made by the mama of the the Trequattrini family. The baked ricotta tart was light, moist and had a good hint of tangy-ness from the orange zest. It was lovely.


Baked Ricotta Tart with chocolate chips and orange zest


As a restaurant run by a family, Three Coins encapsulates a family friendly atmosphere while enjoying Italian comfort food together. The service at Three Coins is welcoming, friendly and homely. It’s really great to see a new addition along Beaufort Street and I am sure that Three Coins will excel in bringing their passion of food to the table. Three Coins is definitely the place to be for Italian comfort food.

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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Sushi Wawa

Sushi Wawa is Perth’s newest sushi sensation located in Innaloo, just right opposite Ikea. What makes Sushi Wawa different to other sushi restaurants around Perth? Well, Sushi Wawa boasts Australia’s largest sushi conveyor belt which is 62 metres long. And yes, it is situated right here in Perth. (Fun Fact – The sushi train can hold up to 400 plates at any time!) Sushi Wawa also features a line-up of Japanese chefs who have worked in popular restaurants around Perth before Sushi Wawa was born. There’s head chef Hiroaki Fijioka (Nobu Perth) who leads sous chef George Yamahara (Satsuki), Mitsunori Nishida (Jaws) and Hidenori Otani (Rockpool).

So, on a Saturday evening after church, we decided to head to  Sushi Wawa for a quick dinner. The best part about Sushi Wawa is the ease of finding a carpark and the best part is FREE PARKING!!

To fill up my hungry tummy, I started off with a plate of Salmon Nigiri ($4.20). The Salmon was very fresh – it had a nice hint of orange colour and the sushi rice was perfect. Next target on the sushi train was the California Uramaki ($4.90) which consists of crabmeat and avocado pieces surrounded by an outer layer of seaweed and sushi rice, topped with tobiko. The California Uramaki was wrapped delicately and was neat.


Salmon Nigiri


 California Uramaki

Next up, I had the Salmon Aburi ($4.90) and Takoyaki ($4.20). Aburi style sushi is a type of nigiri sushi when the fish is partially grilled (topside) and partially raw. The Salmon Aburi was fresh in flavour, decadent and tasty. The delicate hint of teriyaki sauce on top added some sweetness to the Salmon Aburi. I loved the Takoyaki. It was deep fried to perfection on the outside while retaining a nice chewy texture from the octopus in the inside.


Salmon Aburi



Apart from the endless options of sushi to choose from the sushi train, you can also order from a variety of Rice, Udon, Hot Entrees and Salad dishes from their menu. I decided to get the Tempura Udon ($11).  The tempura were lightly battered – light, fluffy and crispy. It was a good complement with the clear broth and the udon. It was delicious.


Tempura Udon

Overall, my experience at Sushi Wawa was good. The service – quick, polite, efficient and friendly. It is often quite rare to find a family friendly restaurant in Perth and Sushi Wawa is definitely one. If you are looking for a quick and healthy Japanese meal, Sushi Wawa is the place to be making it a great addition to the Innaloo dining scene.

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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